Everyone loves a great bottle of wine. It’s one of the few gifts that’s sure to please just about anyone — provided you get it right! If you want to impress your friends and family with a unique, thoughtful gift that they’ll love and treasure, then follow our expert gifting advice below.

Early arrival

If you’re gifting for a holiday or celebration, order your wines early to get around any “just-in-case” situations (like a shipping delay). Save yourself the trip to the store by stashing some extra bottles for a last minute hostess gift, impromptu secret Santa exchange, or to round out a gift basket. Worst case scenario? You’ll get to enjoy any left after the holidays!

Pick the perfect bottle

The perfect bottle of wine is one that suits your recipient’s palate and personality, and there is nothing wrong with snagging their preferred varietal. However, it’s also fun to challenge their palate by buying them something new!

If your recipient favors red wines, a bottle of Pinot Noir will always be a classy choice. But a Rhone-style red blend (like our Cotes du Crow’s) is another fun option that can be surprisingly versatile and easy to pair with food.

If they love white wines: Our Double L Chardonnay is well loved for its balanced oaked character, but if you’re looking to gift something alternative, why not venture a kabinett-style Riesling from the same organically-farmed vineyard?

Keep it chill

If you’re planning on contributing wine to a holiday dinner, make sure that you chill the whites in the fridge and the reds in the cellar ahead of time. That way the bottles are ready to be served right away.

The holiday season means we are cozying up and cranking our central heating to “toasty”, but make sure your wine gifts are kept in a cool, dark place until they’re ready to open. Under the tree would be perfect, but next to a roaring fire is not.

Presentation is everything

Get classy with your gift wrapping. A purpose-made box with dividers and padding will not only look great, it’ll also keeping your bottles safe during transit.

It’s not just about the wine: Make it personal with a handwritten card, and make it practical by including a corkscrew. This way they won’t have to search for one when it comes time to open their gift. But don’t worry, we have you covered: Our holiday gift packs include both!

Go big

Nothing says “celebration” like a king size bottle! Equivalent to two standard bottles of wine, make your next gathering memorable by uncorking a Morgan magnum. Larger bottles age wine slowly and gracefully, not to mention they are inherently festive and make a fantastic centerpiece at the holiday table.

We hope these tips help you find the perfect gift for your wine-loving friends. Don’t forget: If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gifts, check out our holiday gift guide